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Company Profile: Located at the center business district of Suzhou industrial park, we are dedicated to provide a wide range of professional accounting and guidance services to small and mid-sized businesses entrepreneurs. Our services include company registration, oversea company registration, trademark registration, industrial and commercial registration changes, annual inspection, business and individual tax filing and reporting, new and high technology application, bookkeeping, the new third market list, capital verification and increase and financial advisory. Beside all financial and tax services, we can also help you with you visa application. We have got a group of professional, passionate and patient people here to help you with your business. We have also got English-Speaking professionals so that language will not be a barrier between us.


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Contact Us: 23 Suzhou Industrial Park Yuanrong Times Square (Minsheng Financial Building)
Dan Liu: Cell: 86-13626191853 / / QQ:77203740
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